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Hot Water & Home Appliances

Nobody wants to be the one to discover that the hot water system isn’t working! Our experienced team is qualified to repair and service the major brands of hot water systems, be they gas, electric or solar. We can also arrange the supply and installation of a new system if required, based on our expert recommendation of what will best suit your needs.

Furthermore, major kitchen appliances always seem to break down at the worst possible time! Enersol Electrical offer repairs to everything electrical in your home, be it your cooktops, ovens, range-hoods or other major appliances.

We service The Gold Coast and surrounding areas and our highly trained electricians are always prepared to provide you with the most suitable and cost effective solution. We are proudly local, and proudly family owned and operated.

Please always remember – electrical repairs must ONLY be done by a licensed tradesman. Attempting your own electrical work is simply not worth the significant risk to you and your family.


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Periodic Checks and Service

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Stay tuned for the latest and greatest from Enersol Electrical.  We’ll be sharing information on everything from energy efficient lighting, through to choosing air-conditioners, and staying safe in summer storms.