Maintain & Maximise the Working Life of Your Electrical Assets

Periodic Maintenance Services

Over time, wiring, electrical equipment and electrical connections may become damaged or faulty due to age, wear and tear, or exposure to contaminants like dirt, dust and moisture. This then creates an operational and safety risk for your business – increasing the risk of equipment failure, electrocution, fire or other electrical hazard.

We can also take care of all your Emergency Lighting needs, including repairs, replacement, installations and periodic testing.

This is why the periodic maintenance of electrical systems is necessary, and should only ever be done by qualified, experienced electricians. Periodic Maintenance makes sense.

The three primary benefits are :

1. Reduce your costs for repairs and ad-hoc callouts.
2. Minimise downtime to your business
3. Improved safety of people and property

Period or preventative maintenance will typically identify and rectify an issue that may have resulted in a significant failure and cost.

Please always remember – electrical repairs must ONLY be done by a licensed tradesman. Attempting your own electrical work is simply not worth the significant risk to you and your family.


New & Replacements


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Periodic Checks and Service

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