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Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal imaging is the most effective and efficient way to identify critical faults in your electrical system. Heat is the first sign of electrical or mechanical failure, and it takes the right tools, knowledge and expertise to identify and diagnose these potential points of failure. Regular scans may even reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.

Enersol Electrical offers thermal imaging services, and our experienced electricians can identify problems quickly. Thermal imaging, also called infared thermography is one of the best preventative maintenance measures you can employ.

The majority of electrical issues that we identify with thermal imaging show no visual signs of wear and tear, damage or degradation. We have proactively identified many critical faults that had the potential to cause fatal damage to valuable electrical assets.

As part of your regular period maintenance program, thermal imaging will give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Please always remember – electrical repairs must ONLY be done by a licensed tradesman. Attempting your own electrical work is simply not worth the significant risk to you and your staff.


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