Electrician in Ashmore

Electrician in Ashmore


If you own a home or business, you’ll eventually find yourself in need of electrical services. Fortunately, this process doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds.

With our quality electrician services in Ashmore, your home and/or business will never miss a beat. From general maintenance, repairs to solar panel upgrades, our skilled technicians know how to do it all.

If you’re in need of electrician services in Ashmore, consider the following to see how we can help you.


We pride ourselves on delivering quality results to homeowners just like you. Our highly-qualified staff has the skills to provide a number of electrical services to residences throughout Ashmore.

That’s right—our skilled technicians have the expertise it takes to work with all home types found throughout the suburb, including:

Modern and Traditional Homes and Double Story homes

Whether you’ve got a traditional or modern home, we’re here to help out. No matter your electrical needs, you can be sure that we’ve got you covered.

Some of our home electrical services include:

  • General Maintenance—Do you have an unplanned power outage? Is the electricity in your home simply not working right? Don’t worry. Our fast services will restore functionality to your home in as little as a few hours.
  • Air Conditioning—No one wants to be without air when the temperatures start rising. If you’re having issues with your air, it’s time to take quick action. Our skilled technicians will have you living in comfort in no time.
  • Solar Panels—Are you looking to make your home more energy efficient? Do you want to cut down on your electricity costs? Now you can with our customized solar panel installation!
  • Townhouses and Apartments

If you share your living space with others, you’ll want to solve your electrical issues in as quick and as quiet a manner as possible.

If you’re living in a townhouse, apartment, or duplex, we offer all of our great services to you.

In need of an electrician in Ashmore? Give us a call or contact us today!

For All Your Electrical Needs

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Stay tuned for the latest and greatest from Enersol Electrical.  We’ll be sharing information on everything from energy efficient lighting, through to choosing air-conditioners, and staying safe in summer storms.