Electrician in Duroby

Electrician in Duroby


Did your Air conditioner stop working in this heat? Cold water won’t come in the shower? The toaster is making a weird noise? Lucky for you, we have the solution to all of your problems.

All it’s going to take is a phone call and our highly skilled staff will be at your doorstep right away.

Say goodbye to the temporary fixes and get ready for permanent solutions. Equipped with the best knowledge and expertise, our trained staff will not take long in repairing the appliances that have been troubling you for a long time.

Upper Duroby demographics

A suburb in the Tweed region of New South Wales, Upper Duroby has the population of roughly 100 people.

The suburb is known for its tourism industry which has flourished in recent times. Upper Duroby consists of a number of townhouses and apartments along with hotels and resorts for the tourists.

Why choose us?

Quick service: We know how time-wasting these repairs can take, which is why we offer you the quickest service you can get in all of Queensland. Our staff is proficient in finding the problem and fixing it.

High Quality: The quick service does not mean that we compromise on quality. We make sure that the repairs we do are sustainable and that our customers are satisfied with our work.

Customer service: Our customer service team is the finest set of individuals who strive to provide you the best services. The staff is highly cooperative and very responding so any queries you may have can be addressed as quickly as possible.

Type of Property we deal in

Units: We have a trained staff who can perform repairs for any household appliances that have broken down. We are not limited to household appliances. As a matter of fact, we can come to fix your cooling/heating unit in a very efficient manner.

Rental spaces: Need to rent out your space but the wirings messed up? Call us and we will rewire the switchboards completely to ensure that you give your tenants the best stay.

Hotels: Our staff is also trained to fix the air conditioning units in a hotel. Let us help you improve the quality of your resorts so that your customers have a satisfactory stay.

Our expertise

Household electronics: Whether it’s your radio that stopped working or your oven which won’t start, we can help ease your troubles.

Heating/cooling units: Our staff is also trained to fix the air conditioners of your house or even a cooling unit at your office. All it will take is a phone call and our expert technicians will be on their way.

Electric wiring: We can even fix or completely change the wiring at your house and restore it exactly the way you want it.

It is safe to say that we have the solution to all your problems, whether it’s at your house or at your commercial property.

For any questions, do not hesitate to call us.

For All Your Electrical Needs

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