Electrician in Tomewin

Electrician in Tomewin


For your electrical issues, it is important that you get the best service available so there is minimal risk of the problem rising up again.

Most local electricians get the job done with temporary fixes which only hide the problem for the time being. In the near future, the same problems resurface again along with more issues that arose because the original problem was not dealt with properly.

Looking for an electrician or an electrical service provider in Tomewin that is reliable as well as affordable can be a tedious task.

Demographics of Tomewin

Tomewin is a tiny suburb located in the Northern Rivers region of Tweed Shire, New South Wales.

With a population of a mere 108 people, it is a small, harmonious community connecting the Currumbin and Tweed valleys. The residents usually take up farming as a hobby, taking advantage of the fertile soils in the area due to its extensive volcanic history.

What do we specialise in?

We provide reliable and efficient electrical services to the residents of Tomewin in a price that is extremely reasonable and affordable. For any type of electrical problem, we are here to resolve it for you.

Some of the issues that we put to rest on a regular basis in the area are as follows:

General lighting

Whether you are building a new house in the area and want to have lights put up, or if you have decided to change up the look of your apartment and are renovating and need the placements of your electrical connections and lighting changed – our electricians are there at the spot.

Repair and maintenance

Our capable professionals specialize in repairing and replacing worn out wires and looking after problematic appliances and connections.

Solar panel installation

If you have decided to be self-sufficient in your electricity and want to lend a hand to care for the environment, we are here to assist.

The electricians at our firm are pros at properly installing solar panels to get you started on your way to saving the planet with a renewable power resource.

Water heater issues

We can imagine what an inconvenience it is when you are not getting any hot water in the taps during the cold winters. When you are facing problems with your water heater and it links back to anything electrical, we are here to solve the issue.


Problematic switchboards that do not work, are sending off sparks, or giving off electrical shocks at random – all of these electrical problems can be looked into by our highly trained, efficient staff.

With us on the case, you do not need to worry about any electrical issue – no matter how big or small.

Air conditioner installation

When you need an air conditioner installed to combat the hot temperatures of the summer, then look no further than our trusted electricians.

These professionals specialize in installing air conditioners and any other electrical appliance in a way that is recommended by the manufacturers themselves.

Have any questions? Feel free to call us anytime.

For All Your Electrical Needs

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